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Johny's Diner (closed)

Johny's Diner closed October 2012


Johny's Diner is located downtown Albany on Central Ave

I've been to Johny's several times now, and I love it.  The owners are friendly and always make sure to say hello and talk to you.  The food is amazing every time.  I hate to even mention it, because it increases the chance that they could run out the next time I am there, but their corned beef hash is out of this world, just absolutely amazing, so much better than the stuff you get out of a can at most other places.

The seating isn't perfect, as I've seen in other reviews, but there are a few tables, (one that fits 2 and one that fits 4) and I overheard today that they were putting in a booth as well.  But I always sit at the bar, I've just over 6' and I have no issues with space.  I have found the smaller places tend to be the better ones.

I can imagine parking might be a little annoying during the week, but I have only been there on weekends, so I'm not sure.

I would highly recommend this diner to my friends and random internet strangers.





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Short stack of creme brule french toast Amazing homemade hash Stawberries and cream waffle