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Yoshi Sushi

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Yoshi Sushi is your traditional sushi restaurant in the Capital Region.  It is one of the oldest and best known in the area.  It is a small place, with only 4 tables, and about 8 seats at the sushi bar.

We ordered two appetizers, the gyoza and one of the specials for the night, spicy tuna.  The gyoza had a thicker shell than I am used to, so it was a bit chewy and lacked a bit of flavor, but it was cooked well.  The spicy tuna was amazing.  The fish was incredibly fresh and had a nice lightly spicy flavor.  There was also a lot of tuna in the dish, so it was well worth the $7 price tag.  The one aspect of the dish that I didn't love was that they mixed in masago with the sauce, so it made the dish have a slightly gritty consistency.

For rolls, we ordered three:  a Linda roll (salmon, avacado, masago, and wasabi mayo), an Adrial roll (salmon skin, with salmon on top), and a Tracy roll (shrimp, salmon, avacado, masago, and mayo).  The fish in every roll was incredibly fresh and flavorful.  I thought the Adrial roll was a bit strange, but the salmon skin had a nice crunch that was kind of interesting.  The wasabi mayo in the Linda roll was very mild, it tasted like a plain mayo and I would have preferred it if the mayo in the Tracy roll was spicy, but that is just me.  We didn't have anything that I wouldn't order again.

Yoshi's is run by an older couple.  The husband is the sushi chef, while the wife does the serving as well as hot dishes.  Because of this, service is usually quite slow.  Our meal came with complementary tea, miso soup, and fruit for dessert.  I'm not sure if that is always the case.

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Spicy Tuna appetizer Sushi rolls