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Buffalo Wagon

Buffalo Wagon

Buffalo Wagon is located off of Wolf Road, on Metro Park Road. For those who are unfamiliar with Metro Park Road, it's the street that borders Macaroni Grill. Buffalo Wagon sits in the second strip mall down Metro Park Road, and serves some of the most delicious Asian cuisine.

I've been to Buffalo Wagon a few times, and feel it's a hidden gem that could really use some attention. On this visit I was with a few friends, which is a great way to sample a lot of the menu. Among our orders was a sauteed chicken dish with fresh mushrooms ($8.95), a pineapple fried rice ($8.45), and a shield & spear roll ($13.95). Other items included a roast leg of duck appetizer, and a spare rib appetizer.

The large chicken & mushrooms, and large pineapple fried rice were easily enough to feed the entire table. They were delivered piping hot, and were absolutely fresh, and delicious. Every dish we had was filled with flavor. On top of that, all entrees are served with a side of white rice. Buffalo Wagon gives you a great bang for your buck. The shield and spear roll was also inventive and delicious.  I believe you'll have a wonderful meal, whatever you order.

I have only a couple of picky notes. The duck appetizer could have gone without the bed of lettuce. It added nothing to the dish. Also, there's an unfortunate language barrier when trying to ask questions of the staff. The staff is very friendly, but when they don't understand what you're saying it makes the ordering process arduous. That makes it a shame when looking at a menu of authentic cuisine, and having questions on how some of the more unique items are prepared. The language barrier is what really took a fork off of this rating.



Chicken with Mushrooms

Short Ribs



Pineapple Fried Rice

Shield and Spear Roll (left)