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Londonderry Cafe (closed)

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  Front of menu


EDIT: Londonderry Deli Closed on 12/31/12 after 14 years of business.

Londonderry Cafe is located in the back of Stuyvesant Plaza.  It is easy to get to, and parking is plentiful.

That is basically where the positives end.  Bread comes with the meal, it was a sesame bread served mostly warm.  Salads were bland and inconsistent (I had several tomatoes, Josie didn't have any)  We both had the house dressing, it was a creamy basil.  It wasn't bad, but it didn't add anything to the salad. 

Both Josie and I ordered one of their specials for the evening.  My dish was Chicken and Crab Tortellini with fresh basil and pesto.  There was a bunch of crab in the dish, but it was mixed with the pesto, so it was a little difficult to get crab flavor since the pesto was a much stronger flavor.  There was a ton of chicken in it (more chicken than tortellini) but the chicken was so overcooked it was dry and tough to eat.  The tortellini was cooked well, and the pesto was pretty good.  Presentation of the dish was not very appealing, but if the chicken hadn't been murdered, I would have recommended the dish.

Josie ordered Greek tuna (sushi grade) served with kalamara olives, roasted red peppers, and artichoke hearts, sauteed in white wine, garlic, and butter.  She ordered her tuna rare.  The plate was beautiful, but what they did to the tuna was a crime.  The fish was massively overcooked and didn't taste fresh.  Having a special made with food that was frozen is inexcusable.  The olives seemed out of place and didn't belong in this dish.  The vegetables that came with the dish had a bitter taste to them.  The kuskus had a nice soft texture, it was perfectly cooked with a mild peppery flavor.  This was her favorite part of her dish.

Both specials cost $21 which is on the high side (also prices for specials weren't marked).  Service was friendly, but not necessarily speedy, although my drink was refilled before it was completely empty.

Total for the meal and sodas for the two of us with tax came out to be just over $50.


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Chicken and Crab Tortellini

Greek Tuna