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Oasis Mediterranean Cafe



 Oasis is relatively new in Albany and is located at 4 Deleware ave right near Lark Street and Madison Ave.   Oasis is small but clean, but is at times- very slow and a bit inconsistent.   I've visited many times.   The food always taste great, but the selection varies and sometimes the wait time for preparation seems like it takes longer than it should.  

During non-peak times, it appears that one person runs the entire show - taking phone calls and orders, ringing register, and cooking and prepping the meals.   If there is a crowd or a line, it could cause delays for you to get your food or to even place your order.

Seating is very limited, as there are two counters with a few high chairs and two small tables to sit at, so this is more of a stop-and-go or take out place, but is at a good location for that, especially near the lark street scene.

The menu is here and I would've probably given more forks for a rating if the review was based solely on food quality, portion, and flavor alone, but I have to factor in service, atmosphere, and rate the overall expierence which brings me to 3 forks. However, if you like mediterranean food, it is worth a trial visit.  

 Falafel  MixedGrill
 Falafel Platter  Mixed Grill Platter