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Yangs Asian Bistro


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Yang's Asian Bistro took the place of Shanghai Grill in Newton Plaza in Latham.  We gave them a few months to work out the kinks before we went to review them.  Apparently, they needed a bit more time.

This is a unique one for me.  I'm reviewing Yangs even though I never actually ate any of the food there.  We were sat as soon as we walked in.  After about 5 minutes our server came and took our drink orders.  A few minutes after that, another lady came over and offered to take drink orders.  Not a great first sign.  When our drinks were delivered, we ordered.  We each ordered a few rolls and we had decided to split a spicy tuna pizza.

From their menu:  pizza

Sounds great right?  Fast forward about 20 minutes, and it finally comes out.  It has raw red onions all over as well as crispy fried onions on top.  I am not a fan of onions and was not a fan of them being a surprise ingredient.  We called the waiter over and explained that onions were not listed on the menu and I would no longer like the dish.  He said that the chefs each make dishes in different ways, and hinted that I should have said I didn't want onions on it.  He took it back, and said they would make us one without onions  "It will be out in about 3 minutes".

About a half hour later I can see our sushi rolls and our replacement pizza on the sushi bar but our waiter is too busy to bring them over.  He cleared and re-set a table (with no one waiting), and walked past the food about a dozen times, but never stopped to look twice at it.  He never came back to our table.  After staring at our food for 15 minutes and watching other tables get up to refill their own water, we were done waiting.  I threw a few bucks on the table to cover our drinks and walked out, I don't think they even noticed.

We sat in the restaurant for well over an hour and we were still waiting for the first bite of the food we ordered.  Their food could be amazing, but we will never know.  Our whole experience was just awful.  Don't waste your time.  Yoshi Sushi is just 100 yards away, Sushi X another block past that and Philly Bar and Grill just around the corner if you aren't set on sushi.  I only wish I had a rating lower than 1 Fork that I could give them.


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Tuna Pizza