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Blue Ribbon

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Blue Ribbon is located in Schenectady on State Street.  It was Mothers Day weekend, so we expected some heavy crowds and long waits for our Saturday morning breakfast.

Blue Ribbon was packed.  They have a relatively large parking lot, and all but one spot was taken (lucky us).  We wandered in, and even with the full house, we were immediately seated.

They have a relatively standard breakfast menu with a few daily specials.  We ordered french toast with bacon ($8ish), and a waffle with strawberries ($8.50).  When we were eating the french toast, a lone potato ended up on the plate, it had such a great flavor, we had to order a side of home fries as well.  The French toast had a nice eggy batter that soaked completely through the bread, and was cooked perfectly.  It's a simple dish, but often messed up, Blue Ribbon made it perfect.  The bacon was very thin, so it didn't have much flavor and ended up tasting as though it was cooked in a microwave. 

When I ordered the waffle, I asked if the strawberries were fresh or canned, the waitress said they were fresh strawberries that they made into a bit of a jam.  The waffle was also cooked perfect.  The batter had a nice flavor, and wasn't even remotely overcooked.  The strawberries in the jam sauce were too sweet for me and took away from the natural flavored strawberry (they tasted almost processed or frozen), so I wouldn't order them again.  The home fries were seasoned very well, and had a nice brown to them.  My only nit pick on them would be that some of the larger pieces were a bit hard still.

As I said earlier, the place was packed, so we expected quite a wait for our food (so much so that I decided to time how long from order to delivery) - It took just over 5 minutes.  Amazing.  Service was friendly and fast.  We were in and out in under 40 minutes, by far the fastest diner I have ever been to.

Blue Ribbon was incredibly fast, with friendly service.  Main dishes were great, but some of the addons missed the mark a bit.  4 Forks, and we'll be back.

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French Toast and bacon Waffle with Strawberries