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Wolf Road Diner


Wolf Road Diner is located at 219 Wolf Road, near Albay Shaker Road. The decor is classic diner, that's clean and done tastefully well.

In our breakfast visit Brian ordered the Sausage & Cheese Omelette with a side of Fries, and I ordered the French Toast with a side of Bacon. Both of our meals were on their "Specials" menu, which came with juice and coffee.

Brian's omelette was absolutely amazing. He'd asked our waitress what she would recommend, and her omelette recommendation was spot on. The sausage had great flavor, the eggs were cooked perfectly, and they didn't skimp on the cheese which just kept oozing out when you cut into the omelette. The fries were perfectly cooked, crispy on the inside and tender on the inside. Plus, they were seasoned so well that ketchup was not necessary. In fact, ketchup took away from the flavor of the fries. Even the toast that came with the special was perfectly buttered.

My dish, sadly, was not a success. Even though my French Toast was made with homemade Challah Bread, it did nothing to make up for the fact that the batter had no flavor and was nowhere near being soaked through. Actually, one slice had more flavorless batter than the other slice. The bacon was just "okay."

Service was spectacular. The juice glasses that came with the specials were small, so our server brought out two glasses. Our waitress was friendly, conversational, and knowledgeable. We didn't feel neglected, nor did we feel rushed. She was wonderful.

I'd recommend Wolf Road Diner, and even return, but for their amazing omelette. Just don't order the French Toast!

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Sausage & Cheese Omelette w/ Fries

French Toast w/ Bacon