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Milestone Restaurant & Bar

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Milestone Restaurant & Bar is located in Glenmont, just off to the side of Route 9W. From the outside, you don't really know what to expect. The building seems non-descript, and with a restaurant/bar that shares lot space with a hotel, you wouldn't think it would be a place to find gourmet fare. All I have to say is, prepare to be wonderfully surprised.

Inside, the restaurant is divided into two separate spaces. There's the lounge area, that hosts the bar, and is their more 'casual' seating. Though we chose to be seated in the second space (the dining room), I snuck a small peek at the lounge, and loved the fresh, warm tones. The second space, the dining room, is elegantly decorated from start to finish. There's a delicate balance of rustic and fresh that makes the space warm and inviting.

The service I'll mention next, because it's top notch and deserves to be highlighted. From the hostess, to the server, everyone was friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I can't say enough about the service. It was just impeccable. Every aspect was some of the highest quality I've ever seen.

The theme of elegance, and high quality continued through the food. For appetizers, we ordered the Blue Cheese Chips ($8), and BBQ Pork Dumplings ($9). The chips were cooked well, but there were a few that were on the greasy side. Also, the chips really didn't hold up well to the sauce, resulting in a few that were limp. The sauce could have used a punch of flavor. Though the blue cheese crumbles were quite flavorful, there weren't enough of them to balance the bland mornay.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. How can I rave about a theme of elegance, and high quality while having picky notes about the chips? Quite frankly, even having my picky notes, they were not enough to completely detract from what was still a tasty dish. Though I might not order the chips a second time, they were worth ordering the first time.

Our second appetizer, the BBQ Pork Dumplings, were out of this world. The pork was tender, and juicy. The BBQ sauce was sweet, tangy, and absolutely incredible. I almost wished there was a bottle of that on the table alone (or available for sale!). The blue cheese crumbles on top added an awesome smokiness, that just brought it all together. If I had one critigue, it would be that the 'dumpling' component really served no purpose. Just pile that pork on a plate, doused with sauce, and topped with blue cheese, and call it a day. I can't say enough about that pork, and sauce. Honestly, there are BBQ joints in the area that could stand to take some notes on how this pork was done.

Our entrees we ordered off their specials menu. Initially, we were going to order from Mileston'es regular dinner menu, but the menu components had changed drastically from the last time we were there for Restaurant Week a couple of months ago. Though we were sad that the menu had changed, we understand that's just the way things work sometimes. Given that new information, the specials menu stood out to us more than the regular menu.

Brian ordered the Seafood Risotto ($29), and I ordered the Rack of Lamb with Goat Cheese & Rosemary Bread Pudding ($35). The risotto was out of this world, amazing, and to die for. Instead of using cream, or chicken stock, the base of the risotto was made with lobster bisque. That bisque was a stroke of genius. It's the first time we've seen that done with risotto and it paid off in spades. The rice itself was cooked to absolute perfection. There were huge chunks of perfectly cooked scallops, lobster, and shrimp without tails. Every bite of the risotto was rich, and heavenly. I wish this dish was on their regular menu.

The rack of lamb was cooked to perfection. It needed a little salt, but it was seared perfectly, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and was tender and juicy. It almost looked too good to eat. By contrast, the sides were alightly underwhelming. Our waiter had forgotten that the dish came with the Goat Cheese & Rosemary Bread Pudding, and had given me choices of different starches. I was confused, and ordered the baked potato, but was looking forward to the bread pudding. I finally asked the waiter about the pudding once I saw my dish, and being the exceptional waiter that he was, I received the bread pudding within minutes. The savory bread pudding was intriguing. It had a nice, warm, floral, and rich flavor. Unfortunately, I think it suffered from slight dryness. It wasn't overly dry, but it was still just out of balance. I give Milestone sredit for doing a savory bread pudding. With a little more moisture, it would've been perfect.

Overall, the visit to Milestone was delightful. It's a pricey venture, but the service and food quality make the indulgence well worth it.

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Rack of Lamb Seafood Risotto
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Blue Cheese Chips (top), BBQ Pork Dumplings (bottom)