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Phoenicians Restaurant

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The Phoenicians Restaurant is a family owned restaurant serving Lebanese and Mediterranean Cuisine.  It is located 1686 Central Ave in Colonie.  This little gem is just over a mile from my house, and yet I had never heard of it until a recent recommendation from a friend.  I was missing out.

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the waitress and told to sit wherever.  We had looked at the menu online and I was leaning toward trying the beef and lamb kabobs, Josie was leaning towards a shawarma, so when we saw a mixed platter containing all the shawarmas and kabobs, it seemed like the perfect choice.  While we were waiting, the owner (Robert) came over and introduced himself, shaking our hands and thanking us for coming in.  Very nice friendly guy who made sure we got whatever we needed.  Every staff member we dealt with was incredibly friendly and polite.

Now onto the food.  This giant plate of food was placed in front of us.  Our platter came with:  4 skewers - 1 Filet Mignon, 1 Chicken, 1 Lamb, and one kafta (ground beef lamb mix) as well as chicken and beef shawarma, rice, hummus, pickles, garlic sauce, pita bread and house salad.  It was a ton of food, even when we were done we knew we'd be eating leftovers for three days.  This platter cost $46, but could easily serve three or four people.  Everything was absolutely amazing.  All the meats were very well seasoned and tender, but still moist.  Most kabobs I've had in the past have been flavorful, but very dry.  Phoenicians meats were completely different.

Josie's favorite thing in the platter was the lamb kabob, mine was the chicken shawarma, but we both agreed there wasn't anything on the platter that wasn't delicious.  Even the rice was seasoned.  The platter came with endless pita as well as hummus and a garlic sauce.  The hummus was very good, but overshadowed by the absolutely amazing garlic sauce.  It was a strong garlic flavor, but not sweet or bitter like strong garlics can often be.  We are going to try to make our own once we got Robert to give up the secret recipe.

We had a sampling of the baklava (baklawa as listed on the menu)  Very good.  I'm not generally a fan of baklava, but I would order it as a dessert next time I'm there, it has changed my opinion on baklava.

Great service, and amazing food get Phoenicians a well deserved 5 Fork rating.  This is our 88th review so far on CRFoodies, and this will be the 5th perfect rating.  5 Forks is rare, so we strongly recommed Phoenicians.  Give it a try, you will probably see us there.


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Phoenicians Mixed Grill (for two)