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The Flying Chicken


I went to The Flying Chicken with a couple who are good friends of mine. They absolutely rave about the place, and have been trying to get me to go there for weeks. Located on 4th Street in Troy, The Flying Chicken is just down the block from The Brown Bag.

Being something of a fried chicken snob, I set a high bar for any fried chicken establishment. I've always been of the mindset that it's immensely difficult to produce top quality, flavorful fried chicken en masse. Up to this point only one restaurant in the region has managed to exceed that bar and impress me with moist, crisp, flavorful fried chicken.

After The Flying Chicken, that list of one is now a list of two. Their chicken is moist on the inside, crispy on the outside, and filled with flavor throughout. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed my dish (and my friend's). I ordered the Fathead Biscuit Sandwich. My friend ordered the chicken & waffles, and his wife ordered a three piece meal with mashed potatoes and baked beans.

I'll start with my sandwich. What can possibly be bad about a huge fried chicken breast, slathered in homemade  sausage gravy, topped with bacon, sitting inside a massive homemade biscuit that was first toasted on the flat top? The chicken was crisp, moist, and flavorful and I could not get enough of that gravy.

My friend enjoyed his chicken and waffle. The waffle was almost like a bun for the large piece of chicken perched on top. What made it better was the option for pure maple syrup for your dish (regular syrup comes standard).

The three piece chicken meal requires something of a short story. When my friend's wife received her meal, it was not of the quality they were used to. It was greasy and soggy (this was bad). Although she was hesitant to say anything, we prodded her into bringing it to their attention. What happened next is what adds that final fork to my rating. The employee took one look at the dish and whole heartedly agreed it was not the quality they serve. Not only did he immediately take the dish back, and quickly replace it with a fresh order, but he brought her a $10 voucher for her next meal.

If that's not enough, The Flying Chicken boasts a menu that's more than just chicken. There are always specials that range from po' boys, to fried jalepeno cheddar grits, to peanut butter, chocolate, bacon cookies, and all of it at a very feasible price.

Well done, Flying Chicken.

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Fathead Biscuit Sandwich Chicken & Waffle