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Reel Seafood

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Cheddar Crab Dip

2/22/14 - Editors note:  Managment has changed and they have revamped the menu.  This review is out-dated, and none of the food reviewed remains on the menu.


This is an updated review with additional information and pictures:

I have fallen in love with this place the last few months.  If it was just a bit cheaper,  I think I would live here.

I usually get one of the risotto dishes when I'm here.  Most commonly the blackened mahi over a pineapple risotto with a honey ginger reduction (pictured below).  I love the sweet with the spicy (although sometimes there is too much sweet)

I have also ordered the grouper with a lobster risotto (pictured below).  Very good, with big pieces of lobster in the risotto, the fish is prepared well and flaky, but once (out of 4 times) we found a small bone in the fish, and the dish costs almost $26.

And I have had one of their specials, it was some kind of fish with a cinnamon glaze and a squash or pumpkin risotto.  This lacked a bit in flavor, and I wouldn't have ordered it again, but I think it is off the menu now anyway.

I would also recommend the cheddar crab dip as an appetizer (pictured above), good size pieces of crab, and just a nice flavor.  Even the chips are slightly seasoning and the avacado on top of the dip adds a nice creamy contrast.

Bread is always too hot, and a bit too crunchy for my liking, but it is free and there is a lot of it.  I personally don't think the upgrade to a salad is worth it, but that is just me.


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Blackened Mahi on a pineapple risotto with a honey ginger reduction

Pan seared grouper on a lobster risotto and crunchy / fried green beans on top