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Windowbox Cafe

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Now that the holidays are behind us, we can try to get caught up on some reviews that should have been posted a while ago.  Windowbox Cafe has become our go to breakfast location.  It is in Slingerlands in a small strip mall.  It is a smaller location, but we've never had problems with being seated or finding parking.  Windowbox has a 'homey' feel to it, and within a few minutes of being there, you can tell that most of the people are regulars.

The review I'm writing is based on our first time there.  We were greeted and sat immediately when we walked in.  Their specials are written on a white board, but often need some basic deciphering (S.O.S. or Rodeo Benedict).  Josie ordered eggs and hash (since she was told their hash was homemade) and I ordered a simple french toast with a side of bacon.

The french toast was the best basic french toast I have had at a diner.  They didn't use any special bread or gimmicks it was just battered and seasoned and cooked perfectly.  My only problem with this dish is that I felt it was overpriced.  I don't remember the exact amount, and they don't have a menu online, but I believe it was around $7 for two pieced of white bread.  The bacon (not pictured) was amazing.  It has been cooked from limp to crispy in the different times we've been there, but it always tastes great and leaves you wanting more.  Josie ordered the eggs (poached) and hash.  Her poached eggs were a bit overdone, but still runny.  She really enjoyed the hash.  The best way I can explain it, is that it was just like the canned version, but used fresh ingredients.  Similar in ratio and texture with a nice crunch.  She has ordered a side of hash every time we have returned.

Service was friendly, but it was our waitresses first day, so it was a little on the slow side.  The biggest downside for visiting Windowbox would be the fact that you feel like an outsider.  Everyone is still polite and friendly, but you feel like you are missing out on a connection that most of the other customers seem to have.  A small price to pay for quality food, and original specials.  Windowbox gets 4 Forks and our repeat business.  (and just as an FYI, the rodeo benedict is eggs benedict with house-made pulled pork on it.  I had it at a later visit, it is one of the best dishes there)


IMG 0129 IMG 0127
Eggs and Hash French Toast
IMG 0126
View of open kitchen / bar