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Newest Lunch

IMG 20130302 114841Newest Lunch was recently featured on a Food Network show, so Josie and I decided to check it out.  The show focused on the hot dogs, so even though it was still breakfast time for us, we tried a few hot dogs too.

We both ordered egg and cheese sandwiches, mine with sausage, and hers with bacon.  These sandwiches were amazing.  Tons of meat, eggs scrambled, and still nice and fluffy, and lots of cheese (some on top and some on bottom).  The rolls were lightly buttered and grilled.  For about $4.00, it is probably the best breakfast sandwich I have had in the Capital Region.

Next up the hot dogs.  The hot dog itself was nice and juicy with a good flavor, As for the sauce, I thought it was dry, but Josie thought I was crazy, so we agreed to disagree on that.  We both completely agreed that it was flavorless, and added nothing to the hot dog.  She said she would order it as is again, but I think I would get it plain.

The bad part of this review would be the atmosphere.  This place is a dive.  Stains on the ceiling tiles, old outdated booths, and even the outside looked dilapidated.  Our server (who we guess is the owner) was very nice and gets a great rating from us, but most of the other staff came off as a bit rude and too busy to deal with you.  Above and beyond that, the other customers were rude.  When we got there, the place was full.  We stood around for about 5 minutes, when another couple came in (who had obviously been there before).  They walked up to a booth of some people the knew, and had them get up so they could take their seats.  All the staff saw this, but didn't say anything.  The owner came over and asked a single guy he knew to move to the bar so we could sit there, but we were annoyed.  Someone else walked in and put their giant coat on my bench.  When we were trying to pay, no one let us move up to the register even though they were just standing around waiting.

Most of that is irrelevant to this review, the restaurant isn't at fault for it's customer's behavior.  The good food, and the fact that our server was the only one who was polite gets Newest Lunch a 4 Fork rating.


IMG 20130302 121708 IMG 20130302 121716
Sausage Egg and Cheese Bacon Egg and Cheese
IMG 20130302 121849
Hot Dogs (one with sauce, one with 'everything')