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Sushi Tei


The 'Best Of' page has a category for best sushi, and I have listed Sushi Tei as my best sushi in the capital region.  I have been to dozens of sushi places in the area, and while there are a ton of amazing places (Yoshis, Mr. Wasabi, Mr. Fuji... the list goes on), this place gets my vote.  They have a fusion style of sushi.

Staff is always fast and friendly, and occasionally you get a plate of fruit for dessert.  This particular trip, we got an appetizer of rock shrimp ($8).  They are new to the menu here.  They are small shrimp fried with a spicy mayo on them.  They had a nice kick to them, and came with a sweeter sauce decorating the plate which complimented them well.  The price of $8 for about 20 shrimp was ridiculous.  While the shrimp were good, I wouldn't pay nearly that much for them again.

The rolls I ordered this trip were a spicy yellowtail with crunch roll ($6) and a Sushi Tei roll - shrimp tempera and avacado with a spicy crab mixture on top ($11).  Josie ordered a Spicy Girl Roll - spicy yellowtail and crunch topped with avacado and spicy tuna ($13).  As always, the fish was fresh and the rolls were well prepared.  Presentation was nice on all dishes, although the presentation for the rolls wasn't anything special.  The crunch in the spicy yellowtail was lacking, as was the spicy in the spicy girl roll, but they were still very good rolls.


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Rock Shrimp Spicy Girl Roll

Spicy Yellow tail and Sushi Tei Roll