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Amo La Bella


Amo La Bella is right next to the building I work in, so this review is for their lunch.  Kent and I went over for lunch today to get some pictures and another experience to review.

When you first walk into Amo La Bella the inside looks well, completely tacky.  In the one corner is mirrors on all the walls, with a disco ball above them and white Christmas style lights all around.  Next to that is a heart shaped mirror with a neon sign behind it, and on the far wall is a neon light in the window that provides the majority of light in the dining area.  The floors and the bar are old and outdated.

But the food is good.  I ordered the Chicken Parm with penne pasta, and Kent ordered Veal Marsala.  You get a basket of bread and butter while waiting for your food.  The butter is always too cold to spread, and I wish the bread was warm, but it is one of the only places downtown that give you anything complementary for lunch.  Food came out pretty quick after ordering.  My chicken was cooked perfectly, it was juicy and tender.  Their sauce was great, and really complimented the chicken.  I know it is just your traditional chicken parm, but it was good traditional chicken parm.  Kent's veal marsala was also cooked really well, the veal was still tender and the marsala sauce was well prepared.

The meal for the two of us with sodas was $22.50.  Amo La Bella is in downtown Albany on Beaver St.



IMG954440 IMG954053
Chicken Parm Veal Marsala