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Mikes Diner

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Mike's Diner is my local go-to diner.  I go there once a week.  They have your typical diner food but add some unique items like Almond Joy French Toast and Pumpkin Pancakes.  They have plenty of seating and plenty of parking.  I've only had to wait for a table once or twice and it was never a long wait.

This trip, Josie had a pumpkin waffle with peaches and whipped cream.  Yeah, it is a bit strange, and I can safely say it isn't specifically on their menu, although they do offer the same dish with a plain waffle called Peaches and Cream.  The waffle was cooked well, nice and soft, and believe it or not, the flavors actually did go well together pretty well, although the pumpkin flavor in the waffle was minimal.  They used canned peaches, but what do you expect in November?

I got a breakfast burrito.  This used to be on their specials menu, but you can always get it.  They take eggs, meat (sausage for me), and cheese and I have them put the hash browns that come with it inside, it is all cooked together.  You can also add any vegatables you want.  Flavors in this dish are great, and the hash browns inside give it a nice texture.

Josie thinks that their coffee is one of the best in the area, I'm not much of a coffee person, so I'll yield to her on that.  They also offer real maple syrup for an extra cost.

Service has always been amazing, except the one time we go to review it.  The waitress seemed distracted, it took her way too long to come over to take our order, and we sat there for over 5 minutes after she took the last of our plates before she brought over the check.  That being said, this has never been an issue in the dozens of times we have been there in the past.

I would have given them a 3 1/2, but we don't do 1/2s at this site, so I rounded up based on previous experiences.


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