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Home Front Cafe

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The Home Front Cafe is located on Main Street in Altamont. The decor accomplishes exactly what the cafe advertises, "We hope you will feel as though you are stepping back in time to your mothers', grandmothers' or even your great grandmothers' home!! Journey back to the 1940s with us." Everywhere you turn, there's memorabilia from the 1940's, with a lot of focus on WWII.

There's protective glass on top of the tablecloths, and in between are letters, papers and various items from the 1940's. The cafe itself is decorated exactly as you would imagine the kitchen of a grandparent, or great grandparent to be. There were toy boxes for children too play in (which a couple of children went back and forth, and back and forth doing just that) There were also lots and lots of pictures. While there's something to be said for homage and remembrance (and grandma's house), I kind of felt awkward ... I felt as if I wasn't really walking into a dining establishment, or place of business.

There was a lot of hometowm feel in the air. It was very "Cheers," where the staff knew the names of just about every customer who walked through the doors (well, except for us). Seating isn't intuitive. You walk in, the bell rings, but you don't know whether you'll be greeted, or should seat yourself. There were also a couple of tables that were in neglect of being cleaned. As we rounded the corner to the second part of the cafe (there's a left, and right side), we caught the attention of a passing waitress who said we could sit anywhere. Just as with Snyder's, we chose to sit on the side with the highest concentration of wait staff activity (the left).

We were promptly greeted, and presented with menus. I ordered French Toast, with Bacon. Brian inquired on any particular specialties and was recommended to try any of the Omlettes. He ordered one with Bacon & American Cheese.

Food was up pretty promptly. The French toast was 'okay.' It wasn't the best it could be, but it was at least somewhat tasty. It was a little haphazardly cooked, however. It seemed like the bread was sloshed around enough to gather a good amount of egg, then plopped to cook in its puddle. You'll see more of what I mean, in the picture. By contrast, the bacon was not good. It tasted microwaved, and poorly microwaved at that. I wouldn't order that again. It takes skill to render bacon unappealing.

Brian's "omlette" really wasn't an omlette at all. Typically, in an omlette, the ingredients are chopped, mixed with the eggs, and cooked together as one unit. In this rendition, the eggs were cooked first, then whole strips of bacon, and cheese were inserted into the middle, and the eggs were folded in half over the filling. That said, the eggs were the solo star of the dish. They were cooked fluffy. The rest of the plate was mediocre or 'okay' (potatoes cooked well, but with zero flavor, and overdone toast).

I have to say, in all of my reviews, this is the first one where I'm finding myself questioning whether I should be reviewing this place at all. Where, on the one hand, it is a cafe ... On the other hand, it's clearly geared and driven to be "grandma's house;" and, really, who would want to critique "grandma's house?"

For what it's worth, I will render my review (because it's my civic duty as your CRFoodie), but, the rest I shall leave up to you.

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French Toast w/Bacon Bacon & Cheese Omlette