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Risotto describes itself as an Italian Mediterranean Fusion restaurant.  If you read some of my other reviews, you would know that I love risottos, all kinds, the creamy blend of cheese and rice is one of my favorite dishes.  So I was excited to try a restaurant literally named after them.  The first thing you notice when you walk in is the decor.  Risotto is decorated very well.  Very professional with a simple sophistication.

I ordered the 'Surf and Turf' Grilled New York strip served over a rock shrimp risotto. Finished with seafood butter and grilled asparagus (pictured below).  It was very nicely presented, risottos tend not to be the prettiest looking food, but with the two pieces of steak and asparagus layered on top, it looked like a classy and appealing meal.  I ordered the steak medium rare,  One piece was cooked well done, but was a nice cut of meat, the other was cooked exactly as ordered but very grizzly making it basically inedible.  The risotto had a great flavor, and the shrimp in it was cooked perfectly.  The risotto really complimented the steak.  My complaint about the risotto is that it was very slightly undercooked making it just a bit too al dente.  Much bigger of an issue is that the risotto included onions which was not a listed ingredient on the menu.  This could be a major deal for someone with allergies or just an extreme dislike (I'm personally not a big fan).  Asparagus was very nicely grilled, and also worked really well with the dish.  The dish was a very reasonable $21.

Unfortunately, We were seated in an unlucky spot where the air conditioner blew right on us.  After a few minutes, it got so cold we asked if they could turn it down.  They did, for about 10 minutes before it came blasting back on again.  We asked again, and the waitress said, "I don't think we can turn it down anymore".  There was only one other table in the restaurant at this time, and we didn't have any food on the table yet.  If they really couldn't turn it down, they should have at least offered to move us to a different spot.  It was quite a damper on the dining experience.

Seats are in a small area and close together.  There were only a few other tables in the place for us, but I can imagine it getting quite loud when full.


IMAG0084 risottos1