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Iron Gate Cafe - Brunch

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A good friend of mine from college loved Iron Gate Cafe, and for some reason I never went back in the day.  Today I had a friend from out of town visiting and she wanted a place where she can get a mimosa with breakfast.  We hadn't reviewed Iron Gate yet, so off we went.  Iron Gate Cafe is right on Washington Ave by Lark St. in Albany  It is set back a bit from the street, so it is a little hard to see.  Parking is completely street.  This review is for their weekend brunch, which is a different menu from their standard fare.

There was a brief wait for a table when we arrived, but it wasn't more than 5 minutes or so.  Larger parties should anticipate a wait of around 20 minutes.

I was torn on what to order, so I mentioned a few things to the waitress, and she quickly said, "stuffed french toast", so I ordered that with sausage.  Iron Gate's version of stuffed french toast is two pieces of french toast with cheese, a fried egg, and your choice of meat inside.  It is served with hash browns.  The french toast was cooked well, and thoroughly battered, and it was exactly as described. There was plenty of sausage, but the egg was overdone.  The hash browns were good but could have benefited from a little seasoning.

My friend ordered Johnny cakes:  cornbread pancakes with blueberries served with your choice of meat.  She really enjoyed it, the pancakes were cooked well, had a good cornbread flavor, but weren't too dense.  She would order the dish again.

I liked Iron Gate Cafe, it reminded me of Madison Cafe.  Kind of Hipster type attitude and staff, with fun twists on typical dishes.  Fun place with good food, Iron Gate gets 4 forks.  As a fun additional note, we arrived before noon, so they couldn't serve us mimosas, but they took the order, and the second it hit noon, they were on our table.


IMG 0263 IMG 0264
Stuffed French Toast (with sausage, egg and cheese inside) Johnny Cakes with Sausage