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I went to Akanomi with a group, we decided to each pick a roll and share.  We ended up with: an Akanomi roll, a volcano roll, a pepper tuna roll, and a pink panther roll.

The Akanomi roll is Spicy crunch tuna and mango inside, top with spicy salmon and avocado.  I enjoyed it, but there was almost too much going on in this roll.  I would definintely get it again, but at $12, it is a little pricey, even for a specialty roll

The Volcano roll is Shrimp tempura, avocado and mango inside, top with spicy tuna.  This was my favorite roll, and pretty much perfect in every way.  Flavors were good, with a nice mild spice, with all flavors were well balanced.  This roll is also pricey at $12

The Pepper tuna roll is a traditional roll with just the pepper tuna in it.  The tuna was well seasoned, but the seaweed was a little too chewy for my liking. Cost was $5

The Pink Panther roll is no longer on the menu, but they will still make it by request.  It is tuna, avacado and peanuts in pink soy paper.  A friend I was with loves this roll, and I have to secretly admit it is an interesting roll that I would probably order on my own.  I believe this was around $8

All of the fish served was fresh and well prepared.  Presentation was beautiful.  It came on a boat with a blue cube covered with clear white noodles, to provide a neat effect.  It also had a small umbrella which was a little tacky.  Rolls on their own plates always have a pretty decoration made with sauces (even the boring rolls that were ordered)

We didn't try any of their drinks, but we did have some rock shrimp as an appetizer.  It had more sauce on the shrimp than most places do, but that proved to be a pleasant change.  There was a decent amount of shrimp in the dish, and it was reasonable priced at $6.


Akanomi is located in Guilderland on Western ave by Carmen Road.

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All Akanomi's dishes are well presented Everything is better when it is served in a boat