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Oliver's Cafe

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I had heard mixed reviews (though most of them positive) about Oliver's Cafe in Schenectady/Scotia, so we ventured out to give them a try.

Oliver's is a smaller place with about a dozen bar seats and around 9 tables.  It can get pretty busy so there may be a bit of a wait.  We lucked out on our timing, and there were only a few people there when we arrived (but packed as we left)

We were greeted and sat immediately, and given a sheet with the day's specials along with the days waffles (they had their own page).  I opted for the Cinnabun waffle, while Josie ordered the Cornbread french toast - both dishes were specials for the day.

The cinnabun waffle was just as sweet as it sounds, but I was in the mood for sweet.  It had a very strong cinnamon flavor with an icing that you would expect on a proper cinnamon bun.  It had Whipped cream on top, and exactly three walnuts.  The waffle tasted a bit eggy, which was strange because eggs aren't normally in a waffle batter (although they can be in some recipes).  I wasn't the biggest fan of the waffle itself, but all the flavors and sugar on top of it definitely made up for it.  I could have also used a few more walnuts - or leave them off completely - putting three on just looks stingy.

Josie ordered the cornbread french toast which came with bacon and a side of hash browns, she opted to add sausage gravy to her potatoes based on our waitress's recommendation.  She enjoyed her meal, her biggest complaint is that the syrup and the sausage gravy mixed, and the flavors didn't pair well.  Ideally, she would like them on separate plates.  Her potatoes were cooked perfectly, nice and soft but still brown and crispy on the outside.  They did however lack seasoning.  If not for the gravy on it, they would have been tasteless.  The cornbread was soft and still moist with a bit of sweetness to it.  She would order the dish again.

Service was friendly, our waitress offered suggestions, and was always ready for a refill of coffee (which comes in a nice big mug).  If we are in the area again, we'd definitely stop by for breakfast.  Their constantly updating specials keep it interesting.

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Cinnabun Waffle Cornbread French Toast