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Gateway Diner


Gateway Diner is located on Central Ave near Colvin.  I used to go to Gateway Diner all the time when I lived in the area, and it has undergone some renovations several years ago, so I was excited to see the new setup and try the food I remembered.  Just like everything you remember as a kid, it is nowhere near as good as I remembered.

After being sat, it was about 5 minutes until our waitress came over to greet us.  Her greeting was, "what can I get you".  No hello, or my name is, just straight to the point.  We asked if there were onions or peppers in their homemade corned beef hash, and she said no, but the can add them.  We ordered them plain.  They also had canned corned beef, which was interesting.

I ordered chocolate chip pancakes.  Awful. They looked good when the came out, but the bottoms of all of them were completely burned.  I mean black, not just a little overcooked.  I counted 7 chocolate chips in one of my pancakes.  If it is going to cost an extra dollar for chocolate chips, there should be more than 7.  One pancake was so murdered that I just set it aside and tried the others.  They were fluffy, but even without the burnt flavor, they had a strange aftertaste.

My date ordered french toast.  The bread barely had any batter on it, so it was quiet dry, and the parts that had the batter were rock hard, it was almost like the batter caramelized instead of cooking properly.

The homemade corned beef hash came out, and had a ton of onion in it.  Even though we were told it didn't.  It also had a bit of a strange taste to it, and parts of it were burned.  I would order the canned crap over this (which might explain why they have both)

Service was poor throughout the meal.  I eventually got a refill of my soda, and it was diet, not regular that I had been drinking.

Gateway Diner was just awful.  I wish I had never gone back, so I could have just remembered it as how it was.  If you are thinking about going there, I would recommend dumping your money into a hole.  You'll get about the same amount of enjoyment, and you'll still be hungry afterwards.

Gateway Diner has earned the right to be my first 1 Fork rating.

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Chocolate Chip Pancakes French Toast
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Homemade Corned Beef