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Ramonas Cafe

IMG 20121208 105255Ramonas Cafe is nestled in on Lark Street on the Madison Ave side.  It is a small place with an interior that really epitimizes the Lark Street culture.

They had a unique selection of pancakdes, and a nice selection of specials, so we decided to select one of each.  I went with the butterscotch pancakes ($5.50).  Everyone has seen/had chocolate chip pancakes before, so I'm sure you get the basic idea, pancake batter with butterscotch chips placed on top and then cooked.  It was really good.  Butterscotch chips aren't as sweet as chocolate chips, so while it did add a sweetness, it wasn't overpowering.  The pancakces were cooked perfectly, light and fluffy, and not overdone.  I ordered a side of bacon ($1.75) with it, and they asked how I wanted it, nice touch.

Josie ordered one of their specials, Biscuits and Gravy with two eggs, sausage, and home fries ($7.25).  The gravy made the dish, but the biscuits were high quality too.  Potatos were well seasoned, but the eggs were bland and slightly over cooked.

Service was great, we were greeted and seated immediately, and the server was very friendly.  At one point they opened the door to attract attention, but saw we were getting cold and closed it immediately.  This is the type of place I wouldn't have gone to before I started looking for unique places to write reviews of - it is a little sad to think I could have missed out on quality little places like this.


IMG 20121208 111451 IMG 20121208 111508
Butterscotch chip pancakes w/ bacon Biscuits and Gravy