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Betty Boop's Diner


Betty Boop's Diner is located at 115 Philip Street in Downtown Albany. The space is quaint, small, and warm. Of course it's also decorated with many things Betty Boop.

Brian and I ventured for breakfast. We weren't feeling the greatest, and hoped a quick and tasty breakfast would do the trick. Unfortunately, instead of quick and tasty, we received slow and mediocre.

Upon entering, a waitress called out from the kitchen to tell us to sit anywhere we liked. After being greeted, and receiving our drinks and menus, it's like our server forgot we were there. We were sitting with our menus closed, waiting to order food for at least ten minutes. Meanwhile, the waitress was serving other tables, returning to the kitchen, and performing other duties while passing us by. She even passed by and looked at our closed menus on her way through. Even some communication of "I'll be right back" would have been nice.

When we finally ordered, Brian and I both ordered the French Toast. In addition, I asked for a side of their homemade Corned Beef Hash. Food was actually out relatively promptly, and we dug in.

The French Toast was a total fail. I can't believe how foreign a concept good French Toast is. The bread was so barely dipped in the batter that it makes me ask the question 'why bother dipping it at all?' In fact, why even have French Toast on the menu? The inside was completely dry as it was untouched by the batter. The only thing that brought flavor to the dish was the cold butter I melted between the bread, the syrup, and the torrent of powdered cinnamon and sugar they douse on top.

By contrast, the Homemade Corned Beef Hash had wonderful flavor. If I was feeling better, I'd have finished the entire side order. There was a nice crunch, and lots of corned beef. I liked that the potatoes were rustically different sized. I could see herbs in the mixture, and while the onion flavor was strong it wasn't too overpowering. A great dish.

Sadly, one good side dish does not warrant a repeat visit to Betty Boop's. After we finished our meals, placing napkins over our plates to indicate we were done, we were again ignored by our waitress. In fact, we hadn't seen her since she dropped off our food. There was no "how is everything." There was no refilling of drinks (I'd have loved a second glass of water). Nothing. It's not as if she was nowhere to be found. She was everywhere. Repeatedly passing by our table. She even dropped off a check at a neighboring table, then went to clean another table next to ours! All done without even looking in our direction.

Finally, Brian asked if we could have our check. She barely even spared us a look when she said "Sure." She was too busy wiping down a table I guess.

Betty Boop gets a 2 fork rating. It would be a 1 fork if not for the tasty hash, but make no mistake, the customer service in that establishment is so deplorable that it's not even worth visiting for the hash unless you pick up an order to go.

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