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Hibachi X

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Hibachi X is located at 1893 Central Avenue in Colonie. This is the second location by the same owners of Sushi X in Latham. So, when you walk in, expect to see similar funky colors and dimmer lighting reminiscent of the Latham locale. While Sushi X focuses on the sushi rolls and appetizers, Hibachi X offers a choice of that or a 5 course hibachi dinner at one of their many hibachi tables.

When Hibachi X first opened, their sushi was not all you can eat, as their Latham customers had become accustomed to. With some time, they began to offer the 5 course prix fix hibachi meal option, as well as daily happy hour 2 for 1 sushi roll, appetizer, and drink specials. Since then, Hibachi X has decided to adopt the same all you can eat sushi model as their Latham location.

On our visit, Brian and I ordered 2 sushi rolls, and a host of appetizers; rock shrimp, crab wontons, gyoza, tuna tartar, pepper tuna, mango tango, and ribs. The rock shrimp came out hot, crisp, and flavorful. Brian, who's a fan of crab wontons, absolutely loved them. The mix of warm crab and cream cheese went well with the crispily fried outer wonton shell. I love gyoza, and most specifically I love the gyoza at Hibachi X/Sushi X. Both locations use the same recipe which is a meat mixture on the inside, complimented by a thin and crispily fried outer shell. What puts the gyoza over the top, for me, is the ponzu dipping sauce. It's sweet with just the right amount of tartness and very flavorful.

The tuna tartar used to be a different recipe than the sister location in Latham but that's no longer the case, and I think the decision was for the better. While fresh, and delicious, our only critique of the tuna tartar would be that it seemed dry, even with the sauce. The ratio of tuna to bread crunch was out of balance. The pepper tuna though fresh, tender, with a solid pepper flavor, had an accompanying sauce with an overpowering citrus note that overtook everything else. The mango tango was a split review. Brian liked the dish better than I did. The mix of diced salmon, tuna, avocado, mango, and sweet sauce was fresh but I don't agree that they go well together in the dish. Lastly, the short ribs, while hot and flavorful, were also a little chewy.

For sushi, we ordered the Crazy Tuna Roll, and the Sakura Roll. The rolls were fresh, and put together very well. Our one critique would have to be that they seemed overpopulated with rice. We suspect that to be by design for an all you can eat sushi restaurant. More rice fills you up faster, while not detracting from what the dish should be.

All meals come with an ice cream dessert, with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Hibachi X offers a great bang for your buck. Fresh sushi, appetizers, and rolls that are all you can eat, topped off with dessert for one price. Monday thru Thursday offers 2 for 1 martini specials. Friday thru Sunday offers 2 for 1 beer and regular sake specials. Service was slow at first, but this was because they were attempting to bring out the entire inital order at once, rather than plate by plate as each became ready. That said, it quickly changed food started coming out faster than we could keep up with.

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Pepper Tuna (bottom), Mango Tango (left) Gyoza (upper right), Crazy Tuna & Sakura Rolls (upper left) Closeup of Crazy Tuna (top), and Sakura (bottom) Rolls