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Uncle Marty's Adirondack Grill

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Uncle Marty's Adirondack Grill is a short drive from Downtown Albany and is in Sand Lake, NY.   It is a scenic and easy ride with really no turns after you get off the Interstate.  Take Exit 8 of I-90 and then stay straight for about 10 minutes, and it is on Route 43 on the left side of the street and offers ample parking.

The restaurant has two main rooms and an enclosed patio.   We were promptly seated in one of the two main dining rooms, which has a bar with about 8 stools and 4 or 5 booths and one high top that seats two people.  the second room had a strip of booths and a section of tables and chairs and maybe even a fireplace.  It was busy and full, so I didn't look around too much.

If I was forced to quickly summarize Uncle Marty's, I would say... It hits the spot! It is great.  Time and again, I have had good service, great food, and a warm and comforting atmosphere.  I've had breakfast and lunch there over the years, but haven't yet had the oppurtunity to taste many of the dinner items. However, I've heard from others that the ribs are great! I also have had the mac n cheese -which is yummy.  On a side note, Uncle Marty also participates (and wins awards) in many of the local food events, like the chili cookoff or the mac n cheese bowl, for example.  Breakfast is served until 2 p.m.

I ordered the Rocky Mountain Rainbow trout ($10.99) to try something different and I was glad I did.   The fish was cooked perfectly and was very tasty.   The breakfast meal comes with 2 eggs any style, toast, and coffee, and the waitress asked if I wanted the hash browns or home fries as the side.  I had the (shredded) hash browns and they were very good.   I always order my eggs over-hard and they were cooked correct, seasoned properly, and tasted great.  I also have had the 'Breakfast in a Bread Bowl', among other things, which is also different from the norm and also is very good to try if your looking for a hearty breakfast meal.

My dining companion ordered the Pit Roast Beef from the Lunch Menu (~$9), which is from the 'Signature Hotties' section of the menu, which I found a bit funny.  We both found her sandwich good, but both felt the meat was served more well done then Medium rare as the menu description states.  It was actually cooked well done.  Overall the meal was good and the fries and au jus were both very tasty and not over-salty. The online menu, beer list, events, and other information is available on the website:

Speaking of Beer, Uncle Martys has a vast draught selection.  I counted 24 beers on tap, and most were craft or micro brews.  We ordered a beer and the waitiress told us about Uncle Martys Growler Club.   I bring a growler in the trunk wherever I go, so this was a perfect match for me.  She explained, It doesn't matter how long it takes you, it is buy 9 growler fills and you get the 10th fill free.  They give you a card to keep track.   I believe the growler fill prices range from $9 to $15 which is very reasonable, especially considering the type of beer they offer.  If beer or growler fills aren't your gig, don't worry, they have a frequent flyer card (on the back of the business card) for meal rewards.  I think you get a stamp each time you dine and it looks like the 10th or 12th visit is free or discounted.  When a place has good consistent food and good service and reasonable prices, I don't need to be rewarded to continue to return, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

Overall, I highly recomend Marty's.   Seems like a great place for a summer drink outside too.   See you there.


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Pit Roast Beef Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout