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Chez Mike


Chez Mike is located inside a strip mall at 596 Columbia Turnpike in East Greenbush. The decor is made up of warm tones that create an inviting feel, complementing an open floor plan.

Brian and I did our round robin of where to go next for dinner, and Chez Mike was it. Reservations recommended for a Saturday night. When we arrived, we were greeted and sat immediately. Our server came over moments later for our drink orders. After delivering our drinks, she noticed we were still looking over the menu and gave us the appropriate amount of time before checking in to take our meal orders.

Before moving on to the food, I really do need to stress the attentiveness of the service. Not once did we sit waiting for something to be refilled. Nor did we feel rushed. Our server was pleasant, funny, conversational and all around amazing. It was a fantastic experience based off that alone.

Now on to the food! Brian ordered the Pineapple Glazed Baby Back Ribs that came with a Brown Butter Sweet Potato Mash and Chipotle Cole Slaw. I ordered the Lamb Feta Burger (cooked medium) that came with Carmelized Onions and a Roasted Red Pepper Aioli. I substituted the Rosemary Fries for Sweet Potato Mash.

The theme of the food was "SO CLOSE!." Everything was just SO close to being perfect. Brian's ribs were cooke perfectly, falling off the bone, but they lacked flavor in the meat (versus the glaze on top). The sweet potato mash, while cooked well, had too much brown butter which made the side dish very heavy. The cole slaw was perfectly fresh, but there was no chipotle flavor to be found. I also think there was a touch too much mayo. It was a borderline heavy side dish, but still very good.

My burger was similarly so close to perfect. The ciabatta was perfectly soft and fresh. The lamb was juicy, perfectly cooked, and practically fell apart in my mouth. What lacked, surprisingly, was the flavor. With all the condiiments that were on it, I couldn't taste the feta, nor could I taste the distinct sweetness of a roasted red pepper. It was a wonderful vehicle that just didn't realize it's full potential. I ended up putting Brian's cole slaw on my sandwich in order to add some complexity in flavor.

Chez Mike definitely earns a 4 fork rating. The food has amazing potential, and the service is second to none. We'd be interested in visiting again, and exploring more of their offerings.

ChezMike1 ChezMike2
Lamb Feta Burger w/ Sweet Potato Mash Baby Back Ribs w/ Sweet Potato Mash & Cole Slaw