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Peaches Cafe


Peaches Cafe is located in Stuyvesant Plaza, it is well known in the area for it's brunch offerings. 

I ordered the Strawberry and Cream French Toast - $8.50.  It is two pieces of French toast with cream cheese and a strawberry compote.  I wasn't a fan of this dish at all.  The french toast had very little batter on it, so it was very dry.  The cream cheese was just a big lump in the middle, not spread out at all, and the strawbery compote was warm and tasted like it was out of a can.  I scraped all the compote and cream cheese off and doused the french toast in syrup, and it still wasn't very good.  I have nothing nice to say about the dish at all.

She had the banana bread french toast - $8.95.  Two nice big pieces of banana bread dipped in a cinnamon batter.  The banana bread was flavorful, but again, the batter didn't soak past the outside of the bread, so flavorful bread wasn't able to make the batter's shortcomings (it was very dry).  The menu describes this dish as, "so good you won't need syrup, but we'll bring some anyway".  I agree with the statement.  Although a bit of syrup makes it even better.

We also ordered a side of corned beef hash because the waitress said it was homemade.  We had the option of adding peppers and onions, but I decided traditional was the way to go.  This was amazing.  Normally you have a bunch of potatoes with some corned beef in it, in this case it was a bunch of corned beef with a couple potato pieces thrown in.  It was well seasoned and still seemed creamy.  I almost would have preferred a bit more potatoes in the mix, and a bit more of a crisp to it, but was it was, it was a complete home run.  I would highly recommend this to anyone stopping in.

The hostess (also the owner) was friendly and greeted us immediately, even though there was a very short wait for a table, and our server was pleasant and suggested the corned beef hash, so that is a definitely a positive.

Overall, the service was friendly and our sides were amazing, but the entrees need some work.


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Strawberry and Cream French Toast Banana Bread French Toast
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Homemade Corned Beef