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LT's Grill

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It's ok, you can admit it, you have never heard of LT's Grill in Schenectady before this second.  That's ok, I hadn't either.  I saw their menu online and we decided to give it a try.  Armed with an address and a GPS, we still felt like we were looking for platform 9 3/4.  We circled the plaza twice before it just magically appeared to us, clear as day.  When you first walk inside, you get the feeling that LT's wasn't really sure what it wanted to be.  It was basically half BBQ joint / half sports bar.  Well... 1/2 BBQ joint / 1/2 sports bar with seafood.  You are greeted by a lobster tank when you first walk in.  After you get to the dining floor, you will see your typical white top tables that scream BBQ, and on the far side you'll see a large bar with half a dozen flat screen TVs with sporting events on.

On the Saturday night we were there, they were running a special:  1/2 priced appetizer with the purchase of an entree.  I had heard their dry rub was good, so we ordered some boneless wings with their homemade dry rub on them. (normally $8).  They were served with blue cheese and celery.  Josie and I both agreed that the dry rub was amazing.  Very complex flavors, with a bit of tang and a bit of spice.  The chicken was moist with a thick breading (Josie thought it was too thick, I liked the crunch)

For my entree, I picked the 1/2 rack of ribs with the Kansas City BBQ sauce on it.  For my sides, I had the dry rub fries and big man chips (both potatoes, but there are only really 9 sides to choose from, and 4 are potatoes, Josie had already ordered and I wanted to be different).  The ribs were fantastic.  They had a smokey flavor, nice and tender inside and the BBQ sauce truly complemented them without overwhelming them.  The fries were good, but without the dry rub I wouldn't have wasted stomach space on them.  The chips were homemade, and tasted like unseasoned kettle chips.  They did come with a horseradish cream sauce that was very good.  the cornbread was really fluffy with a great flavor, but I would have preferred it warm.  The 1/2 rack with the sides was $12 with is an amazing value.

Josie ordered the pulled pork platter with baked beans and garlic cheddar smashed pototes.  The pork was incredibly moist but lacked flavor without the aid of the bbq sauce.  The mashed potatoes were incredibly garlicy, too garlicy to even eat.  And Josie loves her garlic.  The beans were good with a unique flavor she couldn't quite place, but eventually decided it was probably molasses.  She loved the corn bread so much I had to give her my piece.  The pulled pork platter costs $14

For my drink, I ordered the sweet tea, but it was really more of your standard Lipton tea out of a soda fountain, not what I would consider your typical sweet tea.  Our server was great, very friendly and attentive, she offered us suggestions on what to try and refilled drinks without having to be asked.

Total for the meal and drinks for the two of us with tax was $36.   Website:


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1/2 Rack of ribs

Boneless wings with dry rub

Pulled pork platter




0 #1 Josie 2012-09-08 21:39
I'm not quite sure what environmen t LTs was trying to go for. It seemed a mix of Tex Mex, Red Lobster, and a corner bar. This was a confusion I'm not really sure we cleared up by the end of our meal.

As described, I found the nuggets too crunchy for my liking. In my exact words "you could probably chip a tooth on them." The only taste that made them worthwhile was the dry rub. Outside of that, I'd compare them to Wendy's nuggets.

The pulled pork, while moist, got its flavor from the non-homema de bbq sauce on top. The sauce was delish. But the pork could've done well with having some flavor all its own.

The ribs, while good, I felt could have benefited from a spicier taste (the dry rub for instance). Brian disagrees.

The parts I enjoyed most about LT's were their condiments ; the horseradis h that came along with the chips, the dry rub, and the BBQ sauce that came on the pulled pork. While Brian found some tastes that would bring him back, I didn't find a similar draw.

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