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All Good Bakers (closed)

AGB sits back in a nook next to and behind Mingle restaurant. There's dedicated parking (off of busy Delaware avenue) for patrons of the two and a half shops; All Good Bakers, the Yoga Loft, and (coming soon) The Cheese Traveler (Who will be partnering with an organic meat farmer).

Their dedication to local, farm to table, fresh, homemade, vegan and vegetarian is second to none. Their menu each week is driven by what they pick up from the Saturday Delmar Farmer's Market. With the exception of their cookies, which are sourced locally from Bake For You (another privately run Albany shop), everything sold in All Good Bakers is also made fresh in their kitchen. I consider All Good Bakers to be the gold standard in farm-to-table, by which all other shops are measured.

Inside, the shop comfortably seats ten patrons. To your right hand side is a clear glass window where you see their prep board, and bakers hard at work. Farther down is the kitchen. In front of you is their menu board. On the left hand wall is their source list (what items were acquired from which farms during their last run).

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You're always greeted with a smile, and as you walk up to the counter, you can't help but see the array of muffins, scones, cookies, etc in their pastry case, along with the fresh made bread along the back wall.

I ordered the seitan sliders. For those of you not familiar with Seitan, it's derived from the protein portion of wheat, and stands in the place of meat in many recipes.

The sliders were served on a slightly crisped (perhaps grilled) brioche bun, topped with caramelized onions, cheddar, and a honey horseradish mustard. With the texture of the seitan being as firm as meat, I found the inside of the brioche bun should have been softer (perhaps steamed first then lightly grilled) to compliment/accent the firmness of the seitan. I could also have gone with more of the mustard. The sliders cost $7

Beverage selection. Do not expect to find sodas here. Remember, fresh ingredients. So, I highly recommend the homemade fruit water. I don't know how they do it. But the fruit waters are perfectly flavored, and not sugary. Their fruit water special (which I ordered) was the peach/basil. It was delicious. The small cost $2, and comes in a mason jar. The price was a little steep for the size of the beverage.

Moments into my lunch, Brit offered a pumpkin maple cinnamon bun from her test batch that would displayed this weekend. The cinnamon bun was light, fluffy (especially on the inside) and had the faintest hint of all three flavors (cinnamon, pumpkin, maple) without any of them being overpowering. Another thing I noticed was the lack of a sugar rush, as with normal cinnamon buns. This treat was a winner.

All Good Bakers is a quality experience in food. The price to portion size ratio is more expensive than what you would expect. The wait time for an order can be around 15 minutes, but worth the wait.

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The pastry case The seitan sliders The pumpkin maple cinnamon bun