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Inga's Diner

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Inga's Diner is located on Fuller Road between Washington and Central.  From the outside, it looks like it is falling apart.  Missing shingles, siding in disrepair, overall not a place that you'd really want to visit for food.  Inside shows recent work done to fix it up a bit, but it still needs work.  But most importantly, it is clean inside.

I asked for a recommendation from our waitress, and she recommended a special they had that came with eggs, pancakes and bacon.   The pancakes had a nice golden brown on them, but they were a little rubbery, I would guess they came from a store bought batter.  Eggs were cooked well, but lacked any seasoning, and the bacon had a strange aftertaste to it, but was the perfect amount of crispiness (probably not a word, but it works)

We also ordered french toast with bacon.  Again, the bacon had a strange taste to it.  The french toast was made with standard white bread, but was thoroughly battered, so it was thin, but had a nice flavor to it.

Service was friendly and prompt, which raised Inga's Diner from a 2 Fork rating to a 3.


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Breakfast special (part 1) Breakfast special (part 2)
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French Toast with Bacon