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Cooking School at Market Bistro

IMG 0622

Price Chopper and Certified Angus Beef invited me to a demonstration in the new cooking school at Market Bistro by Price Chopper in Latham.  It was my first experience with a class in the cooking school.  The school itself has three counter-tops with grills on them to accommodate up to 15 students and a seating area for demonstrations with two monitors displaying the chef's actions that are harder to see.  The kitchen itself is state of the art and completely functional for a variety of types of classes.

The class I attended was called 'Two Guys and a Grill' and was put on by the cooking school's own chef John and a guest from Certified Angus Beef, Chef Michael.  Both chefs were incredibly knowledgeable, able to answer some tricky questions from my fellow bloggers as well as offering up some really helpful hints (always wait for the grill to get hot, don't use olive oil ahead of time, as it won't hold up to high temperatures, etc.)  and then of course there was the amazing food they prepared.

Classes at the cooking school range from $20 to $55, which from what I've seen in the area is a great price.  There is also something great about taking a class and having a list of ingredients and a map of where you can get them in the store.  There is a picture of their June calendar below, and you can always go here: to view their current classes.  They also offer classes for particular groups (children's classes, Girls or Guys Night, etc).  Let me know what your experience at their cooking school is like.

IMG 0610 IMG 0613 IMG 0614
Chef Michael and Chef John Chef John flips some vegetables Chef Michael checks the temperature of a steak
IMG 0616 IMG 0609 IMG 0615
Chef Michael from Certified Angus Beef slices a steak Handy guide to see where each cut comes from Market Bistro's Chef John prepares a Chimichurri


IMG 0620 IMG 0607  
Dishes being prepared Cooking School Calendar for June