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Market Bistro (by Price Chopper)

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Josie and I were lucky enough to get a private tour of the new Market Bistro by Price Chopper.  Market Bistro isn't your standard grocery store, it is a nexus between a grocery store and restaurant.  Besides being a significantly better than average grocery store, there is also a complete selection of prepared foods offered.  Everything from salads and subs, to sushi, to BBQ smoked on site.  There is even a full service restaurant and a cooking school within the Market Bistro

The supermarket itself is larger than a normal store, and has an entire aisle dedicated to organic and gluten free food, an aisle for cultural food, and usually two or three shelves in every aisle dedicated to local products.  So instead of just finding Coke and Pepsi, you can also get a wide selection of Jones sodas, or get locally produced peanut butter instead of just Peter Pan.

It is an impressive store with an exciting new concept; merging the idea of a restaurant with a grocery store.  We tried a variety of different foods from 'Bistro Blvd' and it was all quite impressive.  It is hard to pick a favorite from the food we tried, but the smoked ribs and the lobster roll were among our favorites.

Market Bistro is located in Latham at 873 New Loudon Road.  Whats not to love about a grocery store that has a larger selection than normal and a complete restaurant environment as well?  I'm most excited to see what they do with the cooking school.  It will be nice to take a class and be able to buy everything you need to make a recipe at home at the same place.

There are a ton of pictures below, so be sure to click 'read more' to see them all.


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A 6 foot section of fresh pastas from a local manufacturer Large selection of cheeses Olive bar, with 32 different types of olives
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BBQ - in addition to normal rotisserie, Market Bistro has a smoker in the store using hickory from Tennessee Market Bistro has an entire aisle dedicated to organic and gluten free foods Chef's Prepared Meals - Pick any entree and two sides for $6.  Intended to be brought home and heated up, but they will also heat it up for you if you want to eat there

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Introduction from Price Chopper owners Jerry and Neil Golub Ice cream area, featuring ice cream from a Rochester based company and fresh fruits (opening soon) Pizza, standard pizza as well as a New York style thin crust.  Crust sits for at least 48 hours before being used, fresh basil grown at the store is on every pizza
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Friendly staff serve samples of the fresh pasta sold in the Italian section Large sushi selection including the ability to have a custom created roll with the ingredients you want Cooking school located within the store.  Classes are scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks
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Half of a lobster roll.  Lobster rolls are created with the meat from two entire lobsters using only meat from the tail and claws Salads.  Order one of their 'designer salads' or make a custom one with the ingredients you want Cultural food aisle.  Food from all over the world organized by country of orgin
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View from the entrance.  Subs and Salads straight ahead, traditional supermarket to the right. Growler fill station, bring your own growler to have them fill.  There is also a beer and cheese pairing expert on staff to offer recommendations Sausage selection in Italian area