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Joe's Crab Shack Inside

After camping out 15 hours, we were a few of the first people to try Joe's Crab Shack's food during normal business hours.  We each tried a steam pot and some drinks as well as a crab nacho appetizer.  A full review will come in the future once they have some time to settle down.

IMG 9225 IMG 9229 IMG 9230
 The entrance with reception line.  Applause and high fives when you walk in.  Menu and specials  Lights above bar

Click 'more' to see pictures of our meal

IMG 9233 IMG 9236 IMG 9249
 'Shark Bite' drink served in a fish bowl Pouring syrup into Shark bite (looks like blood)  Crab Nachos
IMG 9254 IMG 9259 IMG 9262
 Server putting bib on Brian  Steampot being delivered and opened The Arctic Bay Steampot - Queen crab, shrimp, a whole split lobster and sausage, steamed in a garlic broth and topped with Old Bay® Seasoning
IMG 9265 IMG 9266 IMG 9268
 Ragin' Cajun steam pot - Dungeness crab, Queen crab, shrimp and andouille sausage. The Santolla Steampot - Antarctic king (Santolla) crab, clams, shrimp, New Zealand green lip mussels and smoked sausage finished with a spicy garlic wine sauce and Old Bay® Seasoning  A cake commemorating their opening