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Gatherer's Granola Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun‏

GatherersGatherers Granola is a local granola company whos product can be found-to my knowledge-at every local farmers market.  This healthy snack can also be located at Honest Weight Food Co-op and many other markets and at several local events.

In the recent past, Gatherers Granola staff graciously sent the CRFoodies Team samples of  their 3 granola mixes and each was very good for my liking.   I actually had already purchased and tried one or two of the mixes in the past.  I just make a bowl of Vanilla Yogurt with any one of the mixes and it makes a great snack or dessert.

Gatherers has started a new fund raising campaign:

For the next 28 days people can log onto, and then search for "granola" or "gluten free" and participate in Gatherer's Granola's crowd-sourcing effort to roll out three new gluten free, non-GMO flavors.   There is also a Kickstarter video which features Sandro Gerbini, founder, and the jazz musicians who staff the bakery (and that's a story all by itself).

The Company's website is   check out the "about" page for the story of how it all got started and the "markets" page to find all the places you can shop for Gatherers!     Good Luck to them on this new and exciting undertaking.