I can't believe it but football season is closing in on us and there has been a lot of controversy already. It seems like there are more football players doing bad things as well as stupid things since the season ended in February. DUI's DWI's domestic violence and of course the Aaron Hernandez murder case. Rex Ryan can't pick a starting QB, not that he has that much to choose from. Chip Kelly the new coach of the Eagles has already been asked to keep his offense way below warp speed that he used at Oregon. Of course that's because the refs are so old in the league how the hell could they keep up. And while we are talking about refs how about the first woman NFL ref, Sarah Thomas a mother of 3 could be that woman. OMG that means that maybe in my lifetime I might even see a woman priest......NOT 

Anyway, I can't wait for the season to begin and even though I don't give opinions on the NFL preseason the college season is only a few weeks away and I will have picks for those games.

So I look forward to the upcoming season and being on this brand new website that my BOYS setup and let me use. Thanks to Brian and BJay I am handicapping yet another football season.

Talk at ya in a few weeks.