I just can't seem to find the handle this year on pro picks and I'm sorry for that but not to make any excuses but from the handicappers that I read nobody is kicking butt. So without whinning anymore here are my stats for week 14 in the NFL.



BEST BETS    1-2 ATS and 3-0 SU

Regular Plays 2-0 ATS and 2-0 SU

Underdogs     0-2 ATS and 0-2 SU

Over/Unders  1-2 ATS




BEST BETS      13-26 ATS and 25-14 SU

Regular Plays 16-14-1 ATS and 18-13 SU

Underdogs     12-21-2 ATS  and 9-26 SU

Over/Unders    21-18 ATS


I might be back on Thursday with a pick on the San Diego/Denver game. So until then have a great week. 


Here we are in the final 4 weeks of the NFL regular season and I for one can't believe how fast the football season comes and goes, but it is what it is. I did not have a good feeling on the Thursday game but I do like a few games this week. So here are the rest of my picks for week 14 in the NFL.


My first best bet this week is once again on the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS at home giving the Cleveland Browns 10 1/2 points. The Pats are starting to peak and just at the right time of the year. They are catching a break this week as the Browns might not have a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd string quarterback starting and that is why the line has come out so late. But it does look like Campbell might go but how good will he be after suffering a concussion just a few weeks ago. This is also a revenge game for the Pats as the last time these 2 teams played Cleveland won by 20. New England has a lot to play for and for the Browns it's just finish out the season and hope that nobody else gets seriously hurt. So I am making New England this week my first BEST BET.


My next best bet this week is on the BALTIMORE RAVENS at home giving the Minnesota Vikings 7 points. I really don't like laying this many points with the Ravens because you just don't know what team is going to show up, but the Ravens are a very different team at home then they are on the road and their 5-1 record at home compared to their 1-5 record on the road prove that definitely. Also unless you live under a rock you know that the Vikings offense is Adrian Peterson but the Ravens rush defense ranks 6th in the NFL, this should be an interesting matchup, one I think Baltimore wins. Stop Peterson and you stop the Vikings to me it is as simple as that. I like the Ravens at home and I am making them my next BEST BET.


My last best bet this week is on the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS at home giving the New York Giants 3 points. It breaks my heart as a Giants fan to be picking this game but I also am very realistic and the Giants are a mere shadow of their former selves this year. The Chargers have never lost to the Giants since Eli became quarterback, which is ironic seeing Eli and Rivers swapped with Rivers going to San Diego and Eli going to the Giants. I really don't know what the Giants are playing for now but I'm guessing it is to at least end up 8-8 but believe it or not the Chargers still have a chance at the last wildcard along with about 5 other teams. Playing at home and still with a slim chance to make the playoffs I'm backing the Chargers here as my last BEST BET 


As for regular plays I like the Denver Broncos at home against the Tennessee Titans to cover the 12 points, and I like the Kansas City Chiefs on the road to cover the 3 points against the Washington Redskins.


My underdog plays this week are the Carolina Panthers on the road getting 3 points from the New Orleans Saints, and the Dallas Cowboys on the road getting a point from the Chicago Bears on Monday night.


My over/under plays for this week are - Kansas City Chiefs/Washington Redskins over 44 1/2, St. Louis Rams/Arizona Cardinals over 41 1/2 and finally the Buffalo Bills/Tampa Bay Bucs over 42 1/2. 


Well that's it for this weekend and ...  

As always remember to bet with your head and not over it.


Well it just makes sense that if I had a bad weekend in college football that I would follow it up with a worse week in the pros. I am grateful though that the refs gave the Giants the game Sunday night as that had to be one of the worse officiating mistakes I've seen since the non pass interference call in the end zone in the Green Bay/Seattle last year. Once again my O/U picks saved me from a complete meltdown. So here are my stats for week 13 in the NFL.



BEST BETS    0-3 ATS and 1-2 SU

Regular Plays 1-1 ATS and 1-1 SU

Underdogs     1-1-1 ATS and 0-3 SU

Over/Unders  2-1 ATS




BEST BETS      12-24 ATS and 22-14 SU

Regular Plays 14-14-1 ATS and 16-13 SU

Underdogs     12-19-2 ATS  and 9-24 SU

Over/Unders    20-16 ATS


I think I will be back on Thursday with an early pick on the Houston/Jacksonville game. So until then have a great week. 


Finally a few wins on Turkey Day with my over pick on the Oakland/Dallas game and an underdog pick with the Oakland Raiders covering that very generous spread. So with 2 picks under my belt here are the rest of my picks for week 13 in the NFL.


My first best bet this week is on the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS on the road giving the Houston Texans 7 1/2 points. Ya know I look at this spread and I think wow the Texans getting over a touchdown at home and I'm picking the other team unbelieveable what a difference a year makes as the Texans were the 10-1 going into week 13 last year. The Pats are off a big home comeback last week against Denver coming back and winning from a 24-0 halftime deficit, the best game hands down this year. So with that kind of momentum I just can't see how the deflated Texans will be able to muster enough energy to stop this Pats team.  So I am making New England this week a BEST BET.


My next best bet this week is on the BUFFALO BILLS a home game but it is being played in Toronto giving the Atlanta Falcons 3 points. Here is yet another game where the Bills are giving the Falcons points !! Last year at this time the Falcons were also 10-1 and here I am picking the Bills. The Falcons have also crashed and burned this year and actually have a worse record than the Bills at this point. The Bills are coming off a bye and in their last game crushed the Jets snapping a 3 game losing streak. I very much like the Bills here as I just feel the Falcons had their swan song last week giving the Saints all they could handle but still coming up short. So no stats here either just a really good team having a really bad year. I am making the Buffalo Bills this week a BEST BET.


My last best bet this week is on the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS at home giving the Cincinnati Bengals a point. Almost to the day a year ago the Bengals came into San Diego and defeated the Chargers 20-13, so if you don't know by now I love revenge matches and this is a game the Chargers can win and that's all they have to do is just win with only a 1 point spread. I give the nod to Rivers over Dalton as Dalton has been inconsistent all year while Rivers has kept his team in games and the comeback the Chargers had last week against KC on the road should be more than enough motivation to keep it going. So I am making the Chargers my last BEST BET 


As for regular plays I like the Denver Broncos on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs to cover the 4 1/2 points, and I like the New York Jets at home to cover the 2 points against the Miami Dolphins.


I already have one underdog winner as the Raiders covered on Thanksgiving. My other underdog plays this week are the Arizona Cardinals on the road getting 3 points from the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Tampa Bay Bucs on the road getting a 7 1/2 points from the Carolina Panthers.


I already have one over/under winner as the Raiders/Cowboys went over on Thanksgiving. Other over/under plays for this week are - Chicago Bears/Minnesota Vikings over 49, and finally the  New England Patriots/Houston Texans over 47. 


Well that's it for this weekend and ...  

As always remember to bet with your head and not over it.


HAPPY TURKEY DAY to all. I've got a few picks for Thanksgiving Day.


I have an over/under pick on the Oakland Raiders/Dallas Cowboys. I like the OVER 47.


I also like an underdog and that is the Oakland Raiders on the road against the Dallas Cowboys getting 9 points.


I will have the rest of my picks for this week in the NFL posted on Saturday sometime. 


Well that's it for now and ...  

As always remember to bet with your head and not over it.