It sure is nice coming into Sunday with a regular win on Thursday with the over in the Tennessee/Pittsburgh game. So here are my picks for this rest of this week  in the NFL.



My FIRST BEST BET is on the WASHINGTON REDSKINS/NEW ORLEANS SAINTS game to go OVER 51. This game has gone over the past 4 times these 2 teams have met, scoring a combined 249 points. I see no reason including the weather because the game is in New Orleans, that this streak won't continue. I see this game going into the high 50's possibly 60 and I will make this over my FIRST BEST BET.


My NEXT BEST BET is on the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS on the road giving 10 1/2 points to the New York Giants. The Chiefs have found an offense this year and somewhere along the line the Giants have lost theirs and their defense is not keeping the game close enough for them to have a chance. The Chiefs could win this game by 3 tds in my book , so  am making them my NEXT BEST BET.


My NEXT BEST BET is on the MINNESOTA VIKINGS at home giving the Los Angeles Rams 2 points. This should be a good game and the line is saying just that. However, I do like the Vikes at home and they are 4-0 ATS the last 4 times these 2 have met. The Rams are having a phenomenal season but so are the Vikings so with the line under a field goal I am going with the home team and making this my NEXT BEST BET.


My LAST BEST BET is on the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS on the road giving 7 points to the Cleveland Browns. Two teams going in total opposite directions, Cleveland has lost 9 games in a row while Jacksonville has won 3 in a row and is having one of their best seasons ever. I will bet against the Browns until they give me a reason not to. I am making the Jags them my LAST BEST BET.




As for regular plays I already had win with the over 44 in the Tennessee/Pittsburgh game on Thursday. I also like Green Bay at home getting 2 points from the Baltimore Ravens.(Sorry Zack) I like the Los Angeles Rams/Minnesota Vikings game to go over 45 1/2I like the Buffalo Bills on the road getting 6 points from the Los Angeles Chargers. Finally I like the Philadelphia Eagles on the road giving 4 points to the Dallas Cowboys. (Sorry BJay)



Well that's it for the this week in the NFL. I will be back next week with more college and pro picks.


And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 

Sorry for the lateness of this but I have decided I like the total on the Thursday game between Pitt and Tenn.




I have a regular play Thursday night on the Tennessee Titans/Pittsburgh Steelers game to go OVER 44.



I will be back Friday with my picks for the Saturday college games this weekend.  



And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 

Hi, Moose the Greek here again.  I am filling in for Liz one more time.   My week nine picks weren’t too good.  I was 1 and 2.  San Fran and Seattle both let me down.  They also reminded me why I gave up betting football 4 years ago.  That said I will give it another shot this week.   I have three NFL Picks this week.  So here you go….    GOOD LUICK !!!!!


    I like two favs and one dog in week TEN.


    My first and Best Bet is the BUFFALO BILLS getting 2.5 from the New Orleans Saints.   The BILLS are coming off a loss to the Jets but they have nine days rest.  The BILLS defense is very tough giving up less than 19 points a game this season.  The Saints can score and are hot but going into Buffalo will cool them down.   The BILLS new tandem of Taylor to Benjamin should be exciting and fruitful.  I like BUFFALO because they are home, rested, and they need to beat a good team if they want to proceed towards the playoffs.   So it is BUFFALO +2.5 ……


    My second bet is a strong play on the DETROIT LIONS giving 11 to the pitiful Cleveland Browns.  The LIONS are an up and down team but the Browns are awful.  Detroit is a legitimate playoff team with a VERY GOOD QB.  Cleveland is in disarray from the front office on down.  The Lions at home will torch the Browns and help them remain in play for the number one pick next April.  So it is DETROIT  -11 …….     


    My final bet is……….  The NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS giving 7.5 to the Denver Broncos.  The PATS are coming off a bye week and that spells doom for the Broncos.  Denver’s QB situation is NOT good.  They play good at home but give up too many points.  NE has Brady and that is enough.  Two teams heading for different endings.  So it is NEW ENGLAND  -7.5  …


     That is it for me.  Liz will be back next week and it’s my turn for vacation.   Enjoy and as an old friend used to tell me, “ DOUBLE UP TO CATCH UP. “     The GREEK has spoken….       




And as always - Remember to bet with your head and not over it.


 Hi, Moose the Greek here.  I am filling in for Liz this week as she vacations in Arizona.  I have three NFL Picks this week.  So here you go….    GOOD LUICK !!!!!


    I like three home teams, two favs and one dog in week nine.


    My first and Best Bet is the SAN FRAN 49ers getting 2.5 from the Arizona Cardinals.   It is a division matchup between two bad teams.  Both teams give up allot of points.  Both teams are going nowhere in the playoffs, and both teams are struggling on offense.  So I like SF because they are due, they have some good talent, they are home, and it’s a gut feeling.   So it is SF +2.5……


    My second bet is a strong play on the NEW ORLEAN SAINTS giving 6.5 to Tampa Bay.  Again a division game but with two teams on different paths.  The Saints are playing good and their defense is much improved.  The Bucs look good on paper but have not put it together on the field.  The Saints at home will handle Winston and future Hall Of Famer Drew Brees will throw a few td’s.  So it is NO -6.5…….     


    My final bet is……….  The SEATTLE SEAHAWKS giving 7 to the Washington Redskins.  Seattle at home is tough.  They are coming off a barn burner win and the Skins are coming off a loss in a game they desperately needed.  Seattle is on the way up and Washington is looking at a bad season with a tough schedule.  Russell Wilson is a cool dude and a very exciting player.  They will handle the skins.   So it is Seattle -7……



That is it for me this week.  Enjoy the games and as an old friend used to tell me, “ DOUBLE UP TO CATCH UP. “       The GREEK has spoken….         



And as always - Remember to bet with your head and not over it.


Had another good week with my best bets as well as my regular plays in the NFL and now both my best bets and regular plays are in the black. Philly continues to win, KC bounced back after losing 2 in a row and the good news is the Giants didn't lose this weekend as the had a bye. LOL So with that below are my stats for this week and the season.



BEST BETS               3-1 ATS and 3-1 SU

REGULAR PLAYS   4-1 ATS and 4-1 SU



BEST BETS              19-11-2 ATS and 24-7-1 SU

REGULAR PLAYS  20-18-2 ATS and 25-14-1 SU



Like I said in my college stats if I have any picks on this week's college games I will post them that day as there are games every day this week. Also my good friend MOOSE THE GREEK will be doing the NFL the next 2 weeks.


And as always - Remember to bet with your head and not over it.