So it looks like I will stay in the black with my college best bets ATS as there is only 1 game left in the regular season and that's the Army/Navy game which I usually don't pick. Going 3-0 ATS and SU yesterday was really great and I am very happy that my regular season ends on a good note. As most of you who follow me I keep regular season and bowl season stats separate so this is most likely my end of the regular season stats. So below are my stats for this week in college football and probably end of regular season as well.




BEST BETS   3-0 ATS and 3-0 SU

REGULAR PLAYS 2-1-1 ATS and 2-2 SU 



BEST BETS          40-29-1 ATS and 50-20 SU

REGULAR PLAYS  36-43-4 ATS and 55-28 SU 



Well I may be back on Friday with a pick on the Army/Navy but if not I will be back with the start of the bowl season with bowl picks. I will be back this week with my NFL picks.                                                                                                             


And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 


So here we are in week 14 Championship weekend in college football. There are 16 games on tap including tonight's Stanford/USC game which I could not come up with a solid pick for, as I had good arguments on both sides and the O/U looks about right. I will not have as many picks this week with only 15 games to choose from but I will definitely give you a few best bets and regular plays and I am liking the home teams. So without further adieu here are my picks for Championship week in college football. 




My FIRST BEST BET is on CLEMSON at home spotting Miami 8 points. I know this is one of my favorite plays as I love revenge games, in 2015 Miami lost to Clemson in Miami 58-0, but that was 2 years ago. Miami comes into this game losing last week on the road to Pittsburgh and they did not look good defensively. Clemson on the other hand were not picked by many taut sheets last week to cover against South Carolina on the road but they did 34-10. Now they are home, ranked number 1 and I just don't see them giving that up, I love Clemson here and I am making them my FIRST BEST BET.


My NEXT BEST BET is on OKLAHOMA at home giving TCU 6 1/2 points. Just a few weeks ago the Sooners beat TCU at home 38-20 and they are home again in this matchup. I just don't see how TCU is going to come up with a plan to change the outcome, in just a few short weeks. Okie is now 3rd in the rankings and I am sure they will come out focused to make sure they don't lose their place in the top 4. The Sooners will win and cover this spread and I am making them my NEXT BEST BET.


My LAST BEST BET is on FLORIDA ATLANTIC(FAU) at home giving 9 points to North Texas. This is another game like the Okie/TCU game as these 2 teams have played each other already this year on October 21st where the Owls won 69-31. I just don't believe that the Mean Green will come up with a plan to cut that deficit from 38 points down to less than 9 that's a little over 4 tds. I also like streaks and the home team is 4-0 ATS the last 4 meetings. I don't see anything pointing to North Texas in this game so I am making the FAU Owls my LAST BEST BET.




As for regular plays I like Wisconsin at home getting 6 1/2 points from Ohio State. I like Florida State at home giving 26 points to UL Monroe. I like Georgia State at home giving 4 1/2 points to Idaho.  And finally I like Central Florida(UCF) at home giving 7 points to Memphis.



My gut feeling play once again this week is on Auburn at home against Georgia. 


Well those are my picks for this week in college. I will be back Saturday night with my NFL picks.


And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 

There certainly were a lot of good games this past weekend and I am happy to say my gut pick on Auburn was a winner. I know after this past weekend the 4 at the top of the polls have moved around so I can't wait to see where the pollsters put them. As for my best bets and regular plays I definitely could have done better, but I am firmly in the black with my best bets. Below are my stats for this week in college football as well as for the season so far. 



BEST BETS   3-2 ATS and 3-2 SU




BEST BETS          37-29-1 ATS and 47-20 SU

REGULAR PLAYS  34-42-3 ATS and 53-26 SU 



There are not a lot of college games this week as this is Championship weekend. I will be back late Thursday night or Friday with my picks on these big games. 



And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 


HAPPY TURKEY DAY is tomorrow and I do have a few picks to go along with your dinner.




I have a FIRST BEST BET on MISSISSIPPI STATE at home spotting Mississippi 14 points. MSU is the better team here and they are home. Ole Miss has a not 100% backup quarterback. Like my odds here and will lay the points and make the Bulldogs my FIRST BEST BET.


I have a regular play on the Mississippi/Mississippi State game to go over 62 1/2.



I have a regular play on the New York Giants/Washington Redskins game to go over 44 1/2.
I have a regular play on the Washington Redskins at home giving 7 points to the New York Giants.
I have a regular play on the Detroit Lions at home getting 3 points from Minnesota.

I will be back Thanksgiving night with my college picks for Friday.


And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it. 

First I want to wish everyone who reads my picks to have a SAFE AND HAPPY TURKEY DAY and as my friend MOOSE THE GREEK always says GET STUFFED. LOL

So here we are almost at the end of the college season and I am well above 500 with my best bets going 4-1 ATS and SU this past weekend. I wish I could say the same for my regular plays ATS but I can't, although I am well above 500 with my SU regular plays. So with the end of college season nearing an end  below are my stats for this week in college football as well as for the season so far. 



BEST BETS   4-1 ATS and 4-1 SU

REGULAR PLAYS 3-2-1 ATS and 6-0 SU 



BEST BETS          34-27-1 ATS and 44-18 SU

REGULAR PLAYS  32-38-3 ATS and 51-22 SU 



There are a lot of college games this week on Friday and I will try and put out my picks late late Thanksgiving night for them. I will put out my picks on Wednesday night if I have any NFL picks for Turkey Day.



And as always  - Remember to bet with your head and not over it.