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Johny's Diner (closed)

Johny's Diner closed October 2012


Johny's Diner is located downtown Albany on Central Ave

I've been to Johny's several times now, and I love it.  The owners are friendly and always make sure to say hello and talk to you.  The food is amazing every time.  I hate to even mention it, because it increases the chance that they could run out the next time I am there, but their corned beef hash is out of this world, just absolutely amazing, so much better than the stuff you get out of a can at most other places.

The seating isn't perfect, as I've seen in other reviews, but there are a few tables, (one that fits 2 and one that fits 4) and I overheard today that they were putting in a booth as well.  But I always sit at the bar, I've just over 6' and I have no issues with space.  I have found the smaller places tend to be the better ones.

I can imagine parking might be a little annoying during the week, but I have only been there on weekends, so I'm not sure.

I would highly recommend this diner to my friends and random internet strangers.





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Short stack of creme brule french toast Amazing homemade hash Stawberries and cream waffle



Blue Spice - Central (closed)

Blue Spice is in Colonie on Central Ave


I last reviewed Blue spice over two years ago, when they had first moved to the bigger location.  They has serious service problems then.  I have been there about a dozen times since then, and I think it is about time I updated the review.

This is now my favorite Thai place.  Service is much better now.  Everyone is polite and fast to greet you, and the food comes out in a reasonable amount of time.  There are still a few language barriers with some of the staff, but that isn't really an issue.

My two favorite dishes are Pad See Ew with beef (pictured below) a traditional dish available at almost every Thai place and Blue Mango curry.  This is their creation and has mango and pineapple in a mildly spicy sauce.

The environment can get a little loud, and I always recommend Thai iced tea.

Ample parking.




Marche at 74 State St (closed)

I went during restaurant week, so I'm not sure it is really fair to review them based on that, but it was my first and only experience, so it is all have to go by.

Appetizer:  I had a Lemon zucchini risotto.  The flavor was good, but the risotto wasn't cooked enough, and still a bit crunchy

Meal:  New York Strip.  Cooked perfectly, but lacked in flavor.

Dessert:  a chocolate eclair thing with ice cream and hazelnuts in it.  it was fantastic.

Service was lacking.  I waited over a 1/2 hour after asking for a soda refill, but they did take it off the bill, so that makes up for it.

Nice place, menu has lots of potential.  I'll have to try it again.